Studied at the Geneva Conservatory of Music, at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern and also in New York with the masters of contemporary guitar, John Scofield, John Abercrombie and Bill Frisell. Also studying Mandingo music in Africa and Hindustany music in India.

In addition to his private lessons, during his 30 years of teaching, Marc Liebeskind was a professor at AMR (13 years) at ETM (4 years), at EPI (4 years) at Music Arts (4 years). In these institutions, he has taught guitar, harmony, improvisation workshops, ear training, solfeggio and rhythmic theory.
He has also taught in Africa at Ougadougou School of Music, and in Bamako at INA (National Institute of Arts of Mali). He has led numerous workshops during his tours in Africa, India and Brazil.


• Learning the instrument initially without solfeggio to favor the ear and not the eyes, then support by music theory or tablature according to the desire of the student
• Videos of all classes to promote memorization.
• Computer Assisted Music (MAO).
• Teaching related to the repertoire you would like to play, chunks transplanted on site.
• All styles of music: blues, jazz, rock, pop, soul, accompaniment of songs, reggae, Africa, Indian raga.
• Vision of the vertical and horizontal handle
• Triads, chords with 4 or more sounds, scales, modes, arpeggios.
• Harmony tonal and modal, simple and complex, analysis, cadence etc …
• For advanced: Composition, harmony, transplanting solos or themes, learning to improvise on all styles.
• Children from 7 years
• Beginners to advanced
• Advanced: Composition, harmony.
• All this in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere favoring the development of the student.

Schedules and Prices

From Monday to Friday.
From 9h to 19h.
60.-frs for 45 min.


You can find me on the site trouver un cours.